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Delicious Duck Eggs from Pampered Ducks

Messuri Family Farm is located in beautiful Clarksville, Ohio, amidst rolling hills of pastureland and farms planted with corn and soybeans. It is wonderful country and a good place to raise a family.

We believe in respecting all of the creatures under our care as would a shepherd over his flock.  

Welcome to our little farm


On the Messuri Family Farm We raise all sorts of animals. Perhaps the sweetest and certainly most fun of all the animals we raise are the miniature donkeys.

Little Dora and her mother

At Messuri Family Farm understanding our ducks is not just important to us, it is our business.  We have been pampering our ducks since 2007.

Our hard working employees

Just Ducky Miniature Donkeys

Ohio Proud is the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s marketing program that promotes food and agricultural products made and grown in Ohio.

Ohio Proud boasts more than 200 companies, who are licensed Ohio Proud partners, representing nearly every county in the state.  

Messuri Family Farm and the Ohio Proud Program


Duck Egg Production for Beginners: A practical guide for producing duck eggs for the hobby farmer” by Michael Messuri and Bruce H. Wolk, is written for the person who has an interest in raising ducks for duck egg production but knows little or nothing about the topic.

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